Emma Bustamante

The only thing that’s missing from my life is someone to share the daily chores that life throws at me! I find it hard to describe in what capacity she does this; secretary, mother, partner... probably all of these and more... Gill has brought calm to my chaos and order to my disorganised. She’s helped with legal matters, school applications, passports, household bills. My children even have her number now too! Gill, you’re invaluable! Thank you! 


Gill and the team are absolute life savers. At DPI from time to time we get stretched due to a number of our workshops overlapping. Being able to call on the lifeadmin team to support us is fantastic and they never drop the ball. Thanks John

Stevie Rowe

lifeadmin takes care of my book keeping and keeps me up to date using my Xero account. I can send them a pile of receipts every month and never have to think about them again. It's a weight off my mind and allows me to focus on generating more revenue for my growing company. I would highly recommend lifeadmin business support service.

Louise Murphy

I am so pleased I found you! Gill has done some pretty mundane tasks for me : a bit of DIY, EBAY selling and sorting out wifi issues. Things I just didn't have the time (or the desire) to do. And Gill has actually made me ££ along the way. When putting together the chest of drawers we noticed some faults in the wood. Ordinarily I would have just accepted them, but Gill suggested I negotiate some money off - so I did! Thanks Gill, you are full of top tips, as well as being friendly, approachable and very efficient. Highly recommend!

Stacey Turner

A pleasure to highly recommend lifeadmin to assist with things to free you to focus on what you need to. Gill is wonderful and is now an essential part of my life x


A huge thank you to lifeadmin for helping to plan our holiday in Italy. Being ridiculously busy on the lead up to going, there was no time to research. All they need is a rough brief, on places you want to visit, and they get started! The best part for me was getting bus timings and where to catch them. There were no excuses for expensive taxi rides as we had all of the info. Saved a small fortune on fares. I would thoroughly recommend life admin to help ease the stress of planning a trip!

Virtual Assistant

lifeadmin researched different holiday options for a family holiday. They came up with lots of different options and really helpful advice about getting the best deal on my flights. Saved me loads of hassle sorting it out. Will definitely be using them again.

Kim Bradford

Gill is helpful, intuitive and honest, and I am extremely grateful for the help I have received from lifeadmin! I would not hesitate to use their services again, or to recommend them to others.


It has been really life changing to get help with my really busy life. By sharing the load with lifeadmin I have the time to focus on what I’m passionate and good at in my business and lifestyle. 

I am a firm believer in only doing what you can do, and delegate what you can’t to others. lifeadmin spent an hour on the phone to Virgin sorting out my WiFi issues and saved me £120 a year! Now that’s a weight off my mind.


Just asked lifeadmin to sort out my wi-fi problems at home for 12 devices. Gill used her expertise efficiently and without fuss to resolve the matter quickly. She saved me no end of time and stress. I thoroughly recommend her friendly and professional service


Gill was there in my moment of need when I was struggling to organise my parents 60th wedding anniversary. She managed to get the same venue that my parents had their wedding at and organised all the details with no fuss, even when I kept changing my mind! Just topped up my hours so I can use her again, so handy having my own PA.




lifeadmin was there to help me fill in the dreaded expenses at the end of the month that I had been putting off. To be able to rely on lifeadmin to do the tasks that I don't have the time or enthusiasm to do is a godsend. I am way more productive and able to focus on what my business does best.


Just used lifeadmin.uk.com for the first time and wow, what an experience...

They sorted a trip for 4 we did not have time to organise. In a couple of hours, they came back with a comparison doc, which included recommendations on accommodations that matched all of our criteria, trains, taxis, breakdown of costs (including per head) - and even included links to websites and guide books for the local area!

100% recommend and would use again - they're life-admin savers!

G Buckley - Area Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Gill at *******. Gill is extremely flexible with a high tolerance for ambiguity. She has an inspirational leadership style with excellent internal and external networking skills. Gill is business focussed and result driven and would be a great asset to any business.

C BURKE - Maid of Honour

I had the task of organising my best friend's hen do. I had a whatsapp group set up with all her friends and was attempting to get all the information needed to book flights. All this with my day job was proving to be a problem and I was worried I would make a mistake. lifeadmin gave me a massive helping hand organising the logistics, getting everyone's passport number and booking our flights. Ibiza here we come!

Mrs G Edralin - Mum of Twins

It was rapidly approaching the time for my twins to go to nursery and as you can imagine they were occupying most of my time. I just didn't have the time to research local nurseries in my area so bought some time from lifeadmin to take care of it for me. I was sent a spreadsheet detailing all the information I needed for each nursery found and after asking, they booked appointments at the ones I wanted to visit. Now the twins are all set and I am looking forward to using my remaining hours on my next time consuming life admin task!