Virtual Assistant - Ticket Buying

Ticket Buying.png

Want to get tickets to see your favourite band, singer or sports club? We all know how difficult and stressful purchasing tickets online can be, not to mention that you are probably at work when the tickets go on sale!

We can take care of the process for you, just buy an hour of time, let us know the details of the tickets you want, your card details (that are kept in a secure way) and we can can be online at the right time to try* and get those tickets for you.

"We have always struggled to get Glastonbury tickets and have had a few years of disappointment in the process. But 2017 was different, lifeadmin saved us the stress and panic by taking care of the ticket buying. Our first year at Worthy Farm was ace! "

*Tickets are not guaranteed, we will try our utmost to get them for you but we could be unsuccessful. The time you have purchased will have been used so is non refundable.