Stain Free Plastic - Fact or Fiction?

We’ve all been here before; a shiny new container comes out of the dishwasher stained orange. Oh the horror! 

In a world becoming ever more increasingly concerned with plastic use, we don’t want to be throwing away or recycling something just because it looks a bit ugly, it’s still usable! Either you accept the orange tone of your kitchen storage, or you do something about it. But your time is precious, so we’ve done the hard work for you. 

We asked our team to investigate if you really can return your containers to their former shiny glory; here’s what they tried: 

One orangey chopping board 
Some white vinegar 
Half a lemon 
Bicarbonate of soda and water 
Household cleaner containing bleach 

Applied separately and lightly and with no elbow grease, sadly, after 15 minutes, there was no magic cure for this chopping board. It was condemned to the orange plastics pile in the kitchen drawer. 

So our intrepid investigators tried: 

Orangey plastic container 
Bicarbonate of soda and water 

A good ‘ol scrubbing action was applied to this one, but alas, there was very little change. 

Conclusion: Don’t waste your time. Accept the orange tone of your kitchen plastics and move on with your life.

Use your time wisely: see some friends or family, play with the kids, binge on that box set. We’ll continue to do your lifeadmin and offer some extra help along the way with lifeadminlifehacks.