#lifeadminlifehacks - Send Later

One of the main challenges of owning your own business is time management. Sometimes your working hours aren’t the most sociable times to send an email to your clients.

Have you ever been sat at your desk post midnight, having written a great response to an email, finished that proposal or finally calculated your invoices and realised that you will have to wait until tomorrow to send them?

Sending an email to the client at that time, doesn’t always leave the best impressions. But waiting until the next day means remembering to go back into your draft inbox and hit send.

At lifeadmin we’re big fans of G Suite and use gmail for our business emails. We also use Hubspot CRM, which integrates smoothly with G Suite. Their chrome extension now has an add on that allows you to schedule your emails to be sent at your chosen time. We’ve done some research and you can also get the following chrome plugins which allow you to schedule your emails:

  1. Boomerang

  2. ContactMonkey

  3. Hubspot

All plugins are free and easy to download, if you run into any problems, give us a shout. Just an hour of lifeadmin business support will get it set up for you. Send us an email here.