#lifeadminblackhistorymonthspotlight - Reggie Yates

To celebrate this year’s Black History Month, we will be putting the spotlight on some of our favourite black role models. This week we are talking about the uber talented Reggie Yates. Over to you Lucy…...

Reggie Yates is Rastamouse. Well, technically the voice of Rastamouse, a popular show on the BBC channel Cbeebies. I know this because when I settled down to do some research for our Black History Month blog I thought, ‘I know, I’ll put his name into the Amazon Prime Video search bar in case there is anything he’s done that I haven’t seen.’ So I did, and oh my days, I’ve yet again learnt something about the many talents of Mr Yates. Counting myself as somewhat of a fan, I can’t believe that I’ve been watching this with my toddler and not realised until now! Oh the shame.

Reggie Yates is an actor, presenter (radio and TV), author and film maker, to name but a few of the many things he does, and his career has so far spanned 26 and a bit years of his 35 on this planet.

So why am I such a fan? The man engages, he sparks debate and questions things. Not only is he an investigative journalist, he cares about the answers to questions that he asks. In an interview with The Guardian earlier this year he stated that he was “bringing people’s stories to the outside world” and I personally think he does this with an authenticity that few can rival, (sorry Louis Theroux but you definitely need to watch your back).

The man is an example of an honest, hardworking, black role model. He apologises for the things he gets wrong and owns it. He connects deeply with the people in his documentaries. And he keeps his cool (ish) even when people are getting chased by dogs (Release the Hounds, ITV2).

Pick up a copy of his book, Unseen: My Journey. You won’t be disappointed.

Things to do in Hertfordshire to Celebrate Black History Month

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Written by Lucy @ lifeadmin

Photo Credit: Israel Peters on https://www.noisykitchen.com/reggie-yates/