Getting your sh*t together

We’ve all done it. Forgotten to pay a bill, renew our insurance or even forgotten a loved one's birthday. We are so time-poor these days, that’s why our ‘free’ time is so valuable. But who wants to spend evenings or weekends on life admin? I sure didn’t. That was my Eureka moment - when I started to really get my sh*t together.

Having spent over 10 years working in corporate business as a Personal Assistant it was time to take control of my own life. So I did. And I felt so much better for it that I wanted to help others to do the same. My friends were so swamped at work or being a parent, that they had zero time, not only to do things for themselves, but just to keep their head above water in their own lives. So I started to help them.

My friend wanted to go on holiday with their partner, but didn’t have the time to research the areas they wanted to go or find the right accommodation for their budget. She gave me her brief, and I did the work for her, leaving her with a variety of options that suited their scalable budget. All she needed to do was book the one they wanted and enjoy their holiday. Problem solved.

After hearing what I had done, another friend with 2-year-old twins asked if I could help her find the best nurseries in her area. I gave her a really clear breakdown of nurseries, locations from their home, price, and facilities. This was a task she had been putting off for months, so now that I had taken care of it, she felt a weight lift off her shoulders.

Soon, friends of friends were contacting me and asking me to solve these lifestyle tasks for them. So, that’s when I created my own company, lifeadmin. Through lifeadmin I have helped all sorts of people, from mums to young professionals, with the various lifestyle challenges they face, such as organising parties and events, finding the best cleaner in their area or buying the perfect gift for somebody. I have even taken a bin bag full of unwanted clothes and sold them on eBay for someone!  

The best thing about lifeadmin is that it gives people their time back, so they can spend it doing something they love. Weekends are for fun with friends and family. Not for chores.

If you need some help with your life admin, then get in touch with us or go ahead and buy some hours. Whatever you do, make sure you value your free time. 

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