Bills, Bills, Bills

At first, they started out real cool. Your provider was giving you a great service at a great price. But then they started to raise their prices and before you knew it, you were cautious to turn on the heating and lights. Sound familiar? 

We recently did a post outlining that British Gas are raising their prices this month by 12% and we had an influx of people using our utility research service to find them a better deal on their gas and electricity bills. On average we are finding prices that will save our clients over £200 a year. That's a great return on investment on the 2 hours of lifeadmin time it requires, not to mention the things people have been able to do in their #freetime.

So if you are using one of the 'big six' providers and you haven't had a look at an alternative in a while, why not outsource the task to lifeadmin, saving you money and time.

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