Not the usual Father's Day gift guide

Dads are always tricky to buy gifts for, it's easy to go down the safe route of socks and chocolates or even tools, but we at lifeadmin think that good ol' reliable Pops deserves better and we have come up with a list to help you out if you are stuck for ideas.

1. For the dads that can name more than 5 ales,  we think a brewery tour would go down well and the Fuller's Tour in Chiswick is a favourite of ours. Tours are £20 a head and include a tasting at the end so you can sample what you have seen.

2. For the green fingered dads, how about a ticket to an exclusive night time event at Kew Gardens? Join Kew’s experts to explore the life, achievements and art surrounding Joseph Hooker and enjoy talks, readings, exhibition tours and the chance to browse exhibitions at your leisure. Tickets are £15.

3. For the sporty dads, whatever the sport may be, why not get them a gift card from Decathlon so they can stock up on golf balls or hiking gear?

4. For the dads who need to brush up on their "Dad Jokes", a comedy night for 2 at Jongleurs Comedy Club might be a good pick. There are 11 locations around the country and at £15 is great value for money.

5. The wildcard! For the dads who want to share the experience of being a father, how about helping someone else's family grow. Childbirth in Malawi is 70 times more dangerous than in the UK so even after a healthy pregnancy a Dad could lose his wife and child in a complicated birth, especially when there’s no medical help at hand. Pregnancy Twinning helps those in need to ensure their family survive childbirth. Sponsorship is just £42.

6. You could grab them some lifeadmin hours (from £20 per hour) so they can get someone else to tackle the admin work that keeps them in the study till late and give them more time with their favourite offspring, you!

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