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A research team from the UK, Netherlands and Canada recently published their findings in the journal PNAS, and analysed the life satisfaction of 6,000 adults.

On one weekend, participants were given £30 to spend on services that would save them time and then on the following weekend they spent the same amount on material goods.

Results showed that people who spend money to buy themselves more free time are happier.

The study also found that people’s stress over their lack of time is on the rise and can be linked to higher anxiety, insomnia and even obesity.

These consequences of the ‘time famine’ of modern life are felt by all demographics and income brackets in all four countries, but, importantly, so were the benefits of outsourcing.

Those who spent their money delegating those time-consuming life admin tasks to others reported a much higher sense of happiness, proving that money can in fact buy time and in turn, make you happier.

We all need protecting from this time famine. Our jobs aren’t 9-5 anymore. The lines between life and work are becoming more blurry by the second. And it’s making us more stressed.

If you’re reeling in the effects of time famine then science says spending your money on services like lifeadmin to free your time, will make you happier.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and down in your busy life, look at alternative ways to make yourself happy.

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