Does your business have a blind spot?

A recent insightful article in FSB’s First Voice magazine this month from Vistaprint’s Head of Marketing Oliver Harcourt off the back of a recent survey compares characteristics of full-time employees and small business owners.

Whilst positivity is a key trait amongst small business owners, the article warns of the business ‘blind spots’ that some owners need to be more aware of.

What is a business blind spot you ask? Well, whilst business owners have many areas of talent it’s impossible for one person to possess all the skill-sets needed to run a successful business. This is something we at lifeadmin are well aware of.

Since our business purpose is to free people’s time, we support small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs with their admin challenges, be that in life or business. In turn, this allows them to focus on perfecting their product or service and making their business a real success.

‘An owner who can admit needing help with certain tasks is already on the way to making their organisation even more robust’, cites Harcourt of Vistaprint. Moreover, ignoring the need for outside help immediately puts up barriers to your business growth.

This is a major challenge for small business owners and our aim is to help as many as possible make their enterprise profitable.

Our clients, who outsource tasks such as event planning, travel management and data entry to us, reap the benefits of more time to focus on what’s important to them.

So, we reiterate Harcourt’s message to business owners: celebrate those traits that help you be good at what you do, but be aware of those blind spots. Don’t be afraid to outsource to focus your time.

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