Investment in flexible freelancers saving start-ups cash and time

This recent Times article (02/07/17) caught our attention last week as it highlighted the key benefits of flexible freelancers for start-ups and entrepreneurs, something lifeadmin are always keen to highlight to current and prospective clients. To save you time (we are good at that), here are the main points:

  • Start-ups using freelancers are avoiding the big financial commitment of a full-time member of staff

  • Entrepreneurs say the beauty of freelancers is that they can be brought in when needed, so no money is wasted when business is quiet

  • Avoid the time-consuming hassle (and worry) of sorting out admin that comes with hiring full-time staff

  • Entrepreneurs focus their time on perfecting their product or service

Sounds good, right?

And it isn’t just the start-ups that benefit. Since 2001 the number of self-employed workers has increased by almost 50% to more than 4.7m in the UK. Freelancers cite that flexible working is a key reason for going freelance, promoting a more balanced work-life relationship. Win-win.

The biggest challenge for most start-ups and entrepreneurs is to view freelancers as an investment, rather than an expense (read this). Enabling start-ups to truly focus on their business, allowing them to spend the necessary time on perfecting it, is an invaluable resource - something our clients always feedback to us:

“To be able to rely on lifeadmin to do the tasks that I don't have the time or enthusiasm to do is a godsend. I am way more productive and able to focus on what my business does best”

This is really important to us, and it’s great when we see our clients flourish and we feel a part of that.

So, with all these benefits, it is no surprise to us that there has been a rise in entrepreneurs hiring freelancers and with an increase in start-ups registered in 2016, particularly in London, we hope that more will invest in outsourcing so that they focus their time on their business and making it a success.

If you run your own business and need some freelance administration support with all those benefits you can buy hours through the website directly or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Check out our business page to read about the types of tasks we do for businesses on a freelance basis.