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Whatever business you’re in, it is important to ensure productivity is at its peak. There are lots of tips on efficient, effective methods and software to make better use of time but how many of us are really focusing on what’s important to our business?

It is not uncommon for business owners and their staff to get bogged down in the minutiae at the expense of concentrating on their objectives and return on investment. Instead of focusing on sales or creating a company vision and strategy, they’re consumed by doing those expense claims, booking hotels and travel whilst juggling their diary. If you relate to this, then you’re not managing your time correctly.

Stephen Covey, a pioneer in time management theory, outlined the evolution of 3 generations of time management:

  1. Identifying tasks. This phase was characterised by notes and checklists.

  2. Future scheduling. Using calendars and appointment books in an attempt to look ahead.

  3. Prioritisation. Adding to generation 1 and 2, Covey discussed the important ideas of prioritisation.

Whilst the 3rd generation made a significant contribution to the way we manage our time, people have begun to realise that the efficient scheduling and control of time are often counter-productive. The focus on efficiency and the ‘just get it done’ mantra that we see a lot of today, clashes with the opportunities to develop rich relationships and take advantage of spontaneous or creative ideas.

Nowadays it is simply impossible to do everything that comes our way, so we must find ways to prioritise the important things. The businesses that do this successfully put it down to having effective delegation methods or outsourcing work to ensure their focus is firmly on business objectives. This is where lifeadmin’s Business Support Service comes in.

lifeadmin’s service offers a wide range of support to your business, from travel management, event planning and CRM management to transcription services and diary management, as well as a full PA service. We provide the support you need, when you need it.  No hassle. No commitments. No overheads associated with a full-time member of staff. That's why businesses love us.

Perhaps you need some support during typically busy periods, or you just need a few hours support here and there. Each business comes with unique challenges, so our services and costs are bespoke to your business needs.

Whatever your current business situation, don't allow your admin challenges to get in the way of achieving your business goals. lifeadmin can help you stay focused.
We would love to talk to you about how we can help. Contact us for an initial chat or fill in this form to see how lifeadmin's Business Support Services can work for you.