Hiring your own Virtual Assistant - how lifeadmin works

We understand that you're busy, so we have made lifeadmin's Virtual Assistant Service simple and hassle-free to use. That's why there are no joining fees, contracts or subscriptions. Simply purchase time, by the hour and you'll have your own Virtual PA to outsource your life admin to.

Our Virtual Assistant Service for lifestyle tasks, such as saving you money on your utility bills or queuing for tickets online, start from £25 an hour and the more hours you buy as a bundle, the cheaper they are.

If we complete your job or project with time remaining, then all time left over can be ‘banked’ and put towards solving your next admin job (providing it is within 6 months after completion of your first purchase). For example, if you have purchased 4 hours and we complete your task in 3.5 hours, then you have 30 minutes of lifeadmin's Virtual Assistance to use for the next 6 months. 

If you aren't sure how many hours you need or if your job is urgent, we offer a no obligation free consultation. Just get in touch and we will happily talk through your project and discuss what suits you best.

Hiring your own Virtual Assistant in 5 short steps

  1. Go to the 'Buy Time' page and click on the clock that displays the number of hours you want to buy.

  2. Select 'Purchase'.

  3. When you click 'Purchase', you will be asked to give a small brief that describes the admin job you want help with. Try to be as detailed as possible so that we can complete your project quickly, saving you time and money. For example, tell us about your budget or any specific requirements that are important to you, or you have a specific deadline that you need the job completed by. If you would prefer to have a call with us, then just state that in your brief and we will happily arrange a call to go through your admin job in detail.

  4. Fill in the customer information page to complete your purchase.

  5. Once you have purchased lifeadmin hours, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. Once we get to work on your task, we will provide you with a 'sense check' 15 minutes into your allotted time. This will be emailed to you and will contain 1 to 2 options, tailored to the brief you provide. This will allow you to make amendments to your task brief if you want to give more information or it could be exactly what you are looking for! Job done!

That really is it. In five simple steps, you have your own Personal Assistant come to your rescue!

Remember, we are always happy to talk through your brief on the phone if you would prefer - call Gill on 07760834671.