Virtual Assistant - Selling on eBay

Selling on ebay


Got a wardrobe full of old clothes taking up storage space? A loft full of things you simply don’t need or use anymore? Most people can relate to this and have probably considered selling these items on sites such as eBay, shpock or musicmagpie to make some extra cash. But who has the time to photograph, list, pack and post, and all the other admin jobs required using these vendors?

If you need help with your eBay selling then outsourcing to your own Virtual PA will be a real life-saver! lifeadmin can take all the stress away and you will get 100% of the purchase price, minus any eBay fees.

Just give us your goods, and we will take care of the rest - photograph, research, seller/buyer communication and posting. Once you buy time with us, we will get in contact to discuss the logistics and make it work best for you.

To upload, sell and post 20 items will take us 2 hours so this should help you judge how many hours you will need to purchase.

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