lifeadmin's Virtual Assistant and Business Support Service

lifeadmin is a Virtual Assistant and Business Support Service designed to empower you and your employees to be more productive in the most cost-effective, hassle-free way. 

Your Challenge

We've seen all too often businesses become bogged down in admin. Instead of building long-term strategies, creating a company vision or concentrating on employee engagement they’re consumed by doing those expense claims, booking hotels and travel and whilst juggling an increasingly busy diary. 

Nowadays it is simply impossible to do everything that comes our way, so we must find ways to prioritise the important things. Effective delegation methods or outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant is fundamental to many successful businesses, as it allows them time to concentrate on their goals and their own unique abilities.

Our Solution

This is where lifeadmin’s Virtual PA and Business Support Service comes in.

lifeadmin’s service offers a wide range of support to your business, from travel management, event planning and CRM management to transcription services as well as a full virtual PA solution. We provide the support you need, when you need it.  No hassle. No commitments. No overheads associated with a full-time member of staff. That's why businesses love us.

We save you time and money whilst being completely flexible to your needs. You can:

  • Buy our time by the hour, with prices ranging from £30 per hour, depending on your needs

  • Arrange to have our support on a weekly or monthly retainer

  • Have our support around a specific project or covering for an absent employee

Our Virtual Assistant Service supports businesses in a number of ways (click through the examples shown below). But we also know that your business comes with unique challenges. Whether you're starting your own business, an established small company or an entrepreneur, get in touch or fill out our form here and we would love to discuss how we can support your business.

If you are ready to free up the time you need to focus on what’s important in your business then get in touch with us and arrange a free, no obligation consultation. Email at or call Gill on 07760 834671.