Our mission is to free people’s time, inspiring them to enjoy life.

lifeadmin promotes wellbeing, health and happiness by liberating people from their growing to-do list so they can spend time doing what they love.


Hi, I'm Gill. Welcome to lifeadmin!

Having spent over 10 years in a corporate environment as a Personal Assistant, I had experienced first hand what it meant to manage my own time as well as other people's. Everyone is so busy these days, it's increasingly hard to find a work-life balance. But I was determined to find the best formula, and once I had found it, I wanted to help others do the same. That's why I started lifeadmin.

lifeadmin works with a range of clients, from business owners and start-ups to parents and young professionals, who are increasingly time-poor and need help managing their own lives and businesses. There is no better feeling when we help others, so our service is focused on you, who needs help with their lifestyle or business needs (see our Business Support Services). 

Our team provides a dedicated, professional Virtual Assistant Service, whatever your requirements. We would love to help you, so either buy some hoursget in touch or join our mailing list and enjoy your free time!